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……… Hey  Myself  @indrila !!! Though I am an architect, still writing and painting are my passions. In our field we strongly believe “ Architecture is the mother of all arts. ” so being an architect I always love to create something new in every section of my practice. That’s why I introduce myself , not a painter , not a writer …..just only a creator.

Every writer has a different process to portray their focus . But I think if I want to be a writer , the most important thing I have to do is to read first. So I love to read everything that grabs my interest, whether it’s a book, a comic , a newspaper or anything what ever it might be.

In my writing I always want to focus a detailing of sequences, characters, places, timings and mostly the human psychology. Sometime I was inspired by something that really happened to me and my surroundings. I get ideas of my friends, neighbors , known people or stranger also. I believe that every persons have their own stories. For these reason I like to talk to people and hear their stories. After completion of my research on them I come to a conclusion and try to visualize and find out the elements of the story. So very often I go on a day dreams which is so ridiculous for others but me , it is nothing but growing of my seedlings for writings.

So it’s very true that I am not a writer, that’s why I have not such a bindings to create literature…but still I want to write to express myself. I just try to portray my emotions by my huge storage of words , a bag full of passions and the philosophic thoughts. Sometimes I lost my words, when it occurs I just look into the paper and see a lot of punctuation marks are silently looking around me with their questions . But I can’t fill in the blanks…stay just speechless…my eyes are still…hands are frigid…there is nothing but a responsibility of making a pin drop silence.

This website contains more or less all forms of writings including Poetry , short story , Flash fictions, Novels, Letters, Dialogue-scripts , Prose with illustrations.

Poetry – It’s one of my literary work in which the expression of my feelings and ideas are in distinctive style and rhythm. Intensity of emotions and composition of pain and desires are expressed by the aesthetic quality of language.

Short Story– My short stories are like a painting or photograph which captures moments of time that is crystalline and endless. Though sometimes mysterious, sometimes arresting, but short piece of fiction aiming at unity of characterization. There will be a hope or beginning behind the end.

Flash Fiction– It is the collage of some moments, sudden fiction. This type of my literature is a style of extremely brief category. There is no wide descriptions and all are the essential elements of a future story.

Novel– My novel is a narrative story which describes fictional characters , events and the natural beauty of such places where the story is generated. It is a story based on a beautiful wild place where nature is also play a special role as a character. It is drawn out of my imaginations having a nice plot that is unfolded by the actions, reaction, speeches ,thoughts of the characters.

Letters– It is nothing but a true art itself, a form of written communication. Personal distinctions are commonly drawn between two fictional characters.

Dialogue/Scripts– A special poetic constructions between two fictional characters with different point of view on issues of mutual concern.which create an melodrama in short while and its going too far as a story automatically generated.

Prose– The matter is specially according to some topics or feelings, which comprises of full illustration and description of the current situations.

Diary– It is nothing but a great ways to keep track of my past and think about my future. Some personal records , thoughts , expressions, feelings, attitudes with describe entries arranged by date, reporting on what has happened in the past. - Indian Matrimonial Site

At last I hope enjoying my writings…. Thanks to all readers.

I often close my eyes

I could see a sparkling effect

Which starts from a little black hole,

A point of thinking Just like a molecule….

Which move around systematically…

In a closed path like an orbit.


Suddenly Someone is knocking me

I just go to see….

And comeback from there.

In a whispering sound

It is just going down alone

A dark flight of stairs…..

I just want to get out from there

A continuous storm is blowing on me

Perhaps it can be a nightmare,

Try to destroy all my thoughts.

Again I find my passion

Say, ‘Please come & hold me tight’

Try to feel such molecule….

Imagine, it becomes big Like a bubble of dreams

More & more big as A whole world………

I feel a world of peace

It’s so cool & crystalline,

 Like an ice cube.

 Oh! What a joy! At last,

I get regeneration of my birth.